Justin Altman

I Tell Visual Stories for mission-driven organizations

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Who am i?

I’m a lucky guy, I get to tell stories with a camera. This isn't always how I've spent my days. In my past lives, I've traveled the country selling tortellini, ski-bummed in Utah while managing an unbelievable customer service team for Backcountry.com, was a buyer for Overstock.com, and most recently, an Admission and Marketing Director for The Grammar School.

Each of these experiences taught me something that I leverage every day. How to craft the right images to help a prospective student feel the experience of being enrolled at your school. How a consistent look and feel to your images, shows your audience the intentionality behind everything you do. How my client’s experience needs to be at the heart of everything I do. Lastly, I understand that when a man named Dr. Atkins convinces the country that a diet of pork rinds is good for their health, it’s mighty hard to sell pasta.

I am self-taught, always learning, and perpetually curious. I am a dad to a passionate little girl and husband to an inspiring wife. We spend our weekends doing our best to slowly turn a former pasta factory into our home. The building started its life as a horse barn. Go figure. It's Vermont. 

Who I create best with

I like organizations that know their purpose. Organizations that ask themselves "Why?" every chance they get. I find the people of these organizations to be passionate for their cause, and as such, it is far more enjoyable and productive to create compelling, intentional, and impactful imagery with them.

Close your eyes and try to picture the single image that conveys why you do what you do. What’s inside that frame? What is not in that frame?

Let’s bring that vision and those images to life.

I strive to bring unsurpassed service and professionalism to everything I do. I understand your time is precious and promise to be a reliable, efficient, and effective communicator.

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Got an idea? Project?

Let's hop on the phone and chat. If you're local, let me treat you to a coffee at the co-op.